Distribution of your Estate
How your will and estate are handled

When making a simple will, the vast majority of married couples desire to leave everything to each other first, and when the spouse dies then to the children equally. Our process creates this will document for you and allows you to name guardians for your minor children below.

The person you want to handle your will and estate

Name the person you want to serve as your Executor (normally your spouse, if married), and also name an alternate.

Who Gets What?
The person you want to handle your will and estate

After your death, your assets are gifted to your beneficiaries. You can (but don’t have to) make specific gifts, such cash, vehicles, jewelry, household items, or other personal property to specific people or entities.

Once that’s done, the rest of your estate after all specific gifts are made (everything else) is distributed according to the "residual clause" below. Some people like to make many specific gifts, others make none or just a few and give "the residue to my spouse", or "the residue equally to my children".

You may leave any spaces below blank, in which case that certain provision will be left out of the Will, and will be distributed as part of your residuary estate.

(optional) Gifts of personal property to specific persons
If there are things you want to go to certain people, list them here, i.e. my couch goes to aunt barb.

You can make a gift of any item of personal property only to any person (or charity). For example, a wedding ring to a friend, car to a specific relative, card collection to a friend.